Five Ways for Businesses to Give Back

Giving back is fundamental in being part of a community. Not only is it beneficial to the recipients of the charity, it gives your business an opportunity to branch out. On this National Volunteer Week, here are five ways to get involved!

Join your local Chamber of Commerce.
Chambers of Commerce offer assistance to local businesses in the area. They plan events and discussions with members of the community to build connections. For businesses in the area, check out Oxnard, Ventura, Conejo Valley, or any others near you!

Support a local charity.
There are so many organizations doing so much good in the world, including ones right in your own backyard! Giving back to a local charity will not only improve the lives of those helped, but the community as a whole. Find a cause close to the heart and mission statement of your business for even more fervent support!

Create or donate to a scholarship.
What better way to help someone than to give the gift of education? Think about what you would want a potential employee to be – smart driven, enthusiastic – and honor those students for their achievements. If there is already a scholarship in existence you’d rather support, contact the organizer and set up a yearly donation for the cause.

Organize a fundraiser.
For those more event-inclined, a great way to raise money for the community is getting people out for a good time! Choose a charity or charities to support and from there plan the day. Good fundraisers include silent auctions, races (like a 5K or a boat race), or restaurant partnerships like Dine and Donate.

It’s arguably the easiest of them all, but often the most meaningful. Take a Saturday and bring the whole company to assemble meal kits for low-income families, volunteer at an animal shelter, or clean up your local park.